Trouble installing Windows 10 IoT for Raspberry Pi 2 (Error: 126)

I usually always install Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi’s, but I have always been interested in testing Windows 10 IoT on the little device to see how it works. But that didn’t quite go as I planned, I was unable to write the image to the SD card with the tool Microsoft provided; “IoTCoreImageHelper”. I Read More

DediProg SF 100 to SOIC8.

I’ve got a ISP programer at work from DediProg, SF 100. So I wanted to test it out right away and couldn’t wait for ordering adapters to SOIC8 chip. So I created a circuit and it work as it should! I made pin I/O3 optional, it wasn’t needed for me and probably not needed for Read More

Xbox 360 rf-module to PC

If you have an old broken Xbox 360 or just spare parts just like me, you have the chance to convert that built in module in the front, to be used with a PC and sync your wireless xbox 360 controllers to your computer. It works great with games from Steam for example!   The Read More